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The 12th (Shanghai) World Tourism Expo was successfully concluded

From May 14th to 18th, the “2015 China·Taiyuan International Automobile Exhibition” will be held at the Shanxi Coal Trading Center. This year's show will introduce preferential policies for car purchases for new car sales, quality used cars, and new energy vehicles.

On the occasion of the auto show, the “Damei Longcheng” team’s citywide parade was launched by the Auto Show Organizing Committee. The parade consists of three teams: the first team is the Harley-Davidson motorcycle team, which will consist of 20-30 Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Each Harley-Davidson motorcycle will be equipped with a uniform dress model; the second team is the classic team, Barton The car is used as the first car, with 6 classic cars in the middle and the tail car as the Hummer. The third team is the super sports team, with Rolls-Royce as the first car, 8-10 super sports cars in the middle, and the Bentley car as the tail. car. The huge team completely ignited the enthusiasm of the riders.

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